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Posted by HC Stracheldraht on Tuesday, 16 April 2019
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Why Set realistic Goals

Lets learn a little bit about Unrealistic Goals. Unrealistic goals means simply put, we bit off a little more than we can handle. which means , we can’t possibly complete it in a timely manner. When this happens then we have a tendency to give up. That’s why creating or setting a realistic goal is so important. How many times have you made up your mind to do something only to give up so easily? It’s always easy to give up on something by blaming it on something other than yourself.

Creating or setting Healthy Realistic Goal (s) is a commitment with ones self not a promise. When a commitment has been agreed upon with yourself is but one way of saying you want to succeed. It’s been proven that over 90% of people who create or set Goals fail. If you’re one of those high driven people who believe failure is not an option then you know the importance of not trying to Create or Set to many Goals at one time. That’s why the failure rate is so high. If we can just not worry about creating or setting Goals so we can complete them at a fast pace, then we have already started down the right path.

Be specific about your goals.

If it’s weight loss then create or set a realistic but specific Goal. If it’s one , five , ten or 20 pounds then create or set a specific time in which you want to succeed. Don’t try to lose twenty pounds in a week. We all have to admit that’s really pushing it. It all depends on what you have tried so far. It’s best to create or set your weight loss Goal for a month and see how that goes whether it’s one pound on up to twenty pounds. Once you succeed at this goal then move to the next one.

Just keep this in mind, if you’re start by Creating or setting a Goal that takes a huge amount of effort in the beginning then you’re sure to fail. This is very good advice if this is your first time creating or setting a Goal(s). For those of you who have already learned this , it’s a perfect reminder.

Realistic Goal setting

Like we just talked about, if it’s weight loss then remember to Create or set a Goal in which you’re comfortable with. If your way over weight then you’re not going to create or set your goal to lose fifty pounds in a month right? Of course not. So if your weight is okay and you just want to tone up your body you’re not going to go for body building are you? Of course not. You’re probably just going to look for a simple exercise routine.


Walking is a good way to start out. Remember when you used to walk everywhere? I know I remember those days. Then came the day when we got our drivers License or a friend got theirs. When ever I could get the car or they could get their parents car the walking slowly came to a trickle. We then started our first job so we could save and get our own car. Once we got the car then it’s sort of like now, the furthest we walk is out the door to the car, right?









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