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Posted by HC Stracheldraht on Tuesday, 16 April 2019
three obese women

Is obesity considered a contagious disease?

Obesity is a eating disorder that starts at a very young age all the way up to adult hood. Obesity is not considered a contagious disease. We could go through with mostly medical terms , but then you would probably do what I used to do. I would then read the link which was describing to me what the website was all about. I would after reading the link, say to myself , what the hell does that mean ! But fear not, you can rest assured we at Creating a Healthy Goal are not talking down to you, up to you or around you. We’re going to be explaining everything in layman terms, in other words, plain English.

Obesity is a misunderstood word and medical problem among kids and adults. Overeating and no exercising of any kind is the main cause of Obesity. Over eating usually starts at a very young age, but not in all cases. Obesity can also be from medical reasons. In child Obesity studies One or both parents are Obese. Obesity in children is on the rise in the United States. Over 8 Million children and adolescents in ages between 5 and 6 up to the age of 19 are overweight. Over weight children between the age of six to eleven have more than doubled from seven percent to fifteen percent today. Most children today don’t eat healthy. They don’t get the recommended fruits and vegetables. Children don’t get enough Fiber in their diet which may help with weight control.

Is Obesity passed down from the genes of one or both Parents

When there is one or both parents obese then the odds of one or more of their children could become obese as well. This isn’t from genes being passed down. This would be the cause of eating habits. Children eat the same foods as their parents. The bad habits of over eating would probably be passed along to them. The main cause of obesity is a bad diet. Not getting enough Fiber, fruits and vegetables along with High- calorie beverages and also over sized portions of food. Obesity knows no age limits. It can start at any age from a child to an adult. the older you get the more you are acceptable to getting obese. This occurs in older people because of not being as active as you were when younger. That’s why when younger you must start with controlling what and how much you eat.

Is it safe to teach children at an early age about eating Healthy?

Our children must be taught at an early age that eating Healthy isn’t just a Goal to set for a little while. It’s a life time Goal. Creating or Setting a Goal(s) is something we must always be aware of. Eating Healthy can improve your Health. Keeping at a sensible weight can actually fight off medical problems. When we can see our children enjoying life and playing the way they should that tell us something. A Healthy child is a happy child.

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