Ich kann mir das gar nicht oft genug ansehen :-)

Posted by HC Stracheldraht on Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Getting support from friends and family with mother and daughter smiling

Why getting support is so important

It’s always kind of depressing when we fail at anything. No one likes to fail, at least anyone I know. You’re going to have some ups and downs along the way. Creating or Setting Healthy Goals isn’t as easy to fulfill as you’re probably going to learn. I’m not wanting you to fail, I just know from experience. That’s why you need a support team (cheer leaders). Family and friends are the cheer leaders you need. Involve them in what you’re attempting to do.


Now is not the time to try and go it alone. No one succeeds alone at anything. There are those who would quickly disagree with me, but what I have seen in my life time is no one does anything alone. There is always someone we turn to. If you have the type of family where everyone eats at the dinner table for dinner then that is your best chance to tell everyone what you’r e up to these days. That’s what dinner around the dinner table is for. Everyone connects and learns what the others are up to. If you’re just not sure about telling family members yet then involve a friend. We all have that friend we tell everything to, yep even at my age I still do. Try to get them in it with you as a buddy system. it could be lots of fun. You may even be able to laugh at your mistakes (failure) instead of wanting to give up if you have that one friend with you.

Exercising together

Now lets get to the truth of creating or setting healthy goals. if you’re going to get serious about your healthy goal(s). Eating Healthy is a good way to start off on your healthy goal(s). Now you have to exercise as well. How much are how tough does your exercises have to be? It’s not about how much are how tough exercises have to be. What does matter is how often they are done. What exercises do you have to do? What exercises you have to do all depends on you.


Exercising together can make it a lot of fun, but most of all, it gets done. What would be even better is as if your significant other can or would be involved with your Creating or Setting a healthy goal(s). That in itself could or would be the greatest way to succeed. I guess you could call that quality time together. The type of exercise would depend on what you’re looking to get out of your goal(s). If you’re just looking to lose a little weight, toning up your body or serious muscle building.



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