How Setting Healthy Goals can help You Live Longer

Creating a Healthy goal isn’t easy these days with all the fast food restaurants out there. Fast food is becoming the number 1 way to get dinner or lunch on the go. How ever, eating healthy is now becoming popular with this new generation. That’s a good thing of course. Even we, the older generation, are getting into getting fit. It’s hard when you’re working all day and then have to go home and get dinner ready. There is actually a solution to this these days. You can prepare a weekly dinner schedule most of which can be refrigerated. Problem solved.

Is Eating fast food and exercising healthy?

Eating fast food most of the time is not healthy. Your body isn’t getting all the proteins it needs. Eating fast food and exercising is like taking your car for an oil change and then putting the old oil back in. You want fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need them for the vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They have other long-term health benefits that cannot be obtained from any other food sources.  However, it’s proven that vegetables and fruits are needed to get these essential body fuel components. People who eat fruit as part of a Healthy diet have a reduced risk of Chronic Deceases.

what are the Health issues from not eating healthy

There are so many reasons to eat healthy. Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Not eating healthy can also over time cause many health issues. The health issues that can occur are not what anyone would want. Here are but just some of the health issues it can cause. Click each link below to learn more.

I’m sure no one wants any of these symptoms.  We all want our children to grow to their full potential. It’s proven when a child eats healthy they can actually grow taller.  Malnutrition can stunt a child’s growth. This is scientifically proven. Then what about adults? We have just some of the symptoms listed, when there are many others. If we want our children to learn to eat healthy we have to first set an example by eating healthier with them.


Our children’s Health Represents their future.

Children are our future

Our children’s Health is not only important to their future, but to ours as well. We have to take care of them by not just clothing them or making sure they have what they need for school. We can start by making sure they are getting the right amount of Healthy foods and not sitting inside playing electronic games all the time. They have to get out and do physical activities ( running around ). Most of this can take place on weekends when you’re off of work..

We have to start as young as possible with teaching our children to eat Healthy.There are a lot of us who were taught to eat healthy at a very young age and that’s great. Now that the Healthy trend is on, there are a lot of people getting on the Healthy wagon only to get back off  because they don’t know where to start or they just Create Goals which are just to hard to follow. We always feel good when we start something new. The problem is, we start it only to bail when it gets tough or we just run out of steam. Creating or Setting Healthy goals is easy if you know where to start. We’ve compiled a list to help you get started on Creating Healthy goals. .